Helvie knife

Helvie knife

helvie knives

detail-roughing out usually refers to the length of the blade and the thickness of the blade. A roughout blade is usually thicker and sometimes longer to make removing large chunks of wood more efficient and less likely to break the blade during the process. Detail knives can get quite small, to allow you to turn and reach in small areas. Here are three of my Helvie knives. The one on the left (with multi-color handle) is one I consider a roughout knife.

The size I want to carve would be from 2x2x6 inch blocks down to 1x1x4 possibly. I do want quality good knife that strops well. I have heard of Helvie, OCC and several others. I’m hoping I have outlined this enough that you folks can see what I’m trying to do.

Helvie Knife, Lamb’s Paw Detail, Finger 3/8″ x 1 1/4″

I have been researching I am am going to say what I am wanting to do is flat plane carving. The rose is something I can only dream of being able to to at this time. Possibly if I take to this through time I may try something more intricate like that.

Not once did I feel control was compromised no matter what the cut. The handle is well designed and I could not fault the design of the blades or the edge holding quality. At a starting price of $34 they are well priced. The range of knives is comprehensive and allows people to tailor what they buy to what they are making and how they work. They are not only superbly made but also allow the end user various options.

Well worth looking at. In use For how best to hold the knife for maximum control, the handle is important. The knives looked at in this test have sculpted – there are sections for the fingers to locate into – multi-laminated and coloured ply handles which not only fitted in my hand well, but Michelle’s too. You can also pull or pare with the thumb on lower part of the handle on the blade edge.

The blade is 1 3/4″ long and is thicker than the others. The handle is 5″ long and a little over an inch thick. The middle knife is more of a detail knife, with a thinner blade that is 1 1/2″ long. The shape of the blade and the thinner handle allow it to get in certain areas and make turns that the other knife is too big for. The final knife has thin flexible blade that is 2 1/4″ long. I use it an a lot of long knives with thin blades for detail knives also. The longer blade allows me to reach and make delicate cuts in deeper areas on carvings.

The “A” represents a longer cutting edge with a reverse skew angle used for general slicing cuts. “B” represents a curved cutting edge that can be used as a mini bull nose gouge as well as for making controlled stop cuts.

helvie knives

These two from Helvie not only look good, but have had a lot of thought put into them regarding blade and handle style, how they are likely to be used, and how they cut – a lot different from a modified kitchen fruit knife. Signature Series 10 – The blade is approximately 2″ long, 13/16″ cutting edge and .055 stock thickness. The handle is natural wood 4” long and is shaped like a thicker oval handle (torpedo handle shape). The Hornet Bee knife has the extended tang and long reach.

helvie knives

  • The length of the blade (measured from handle to tip) is also a factor in knife selection.
  • These work good but I can tell I need a straight blade to make points with.So I think I will go for the helvie or OCC.
  • These sets can accommodate the beginners as well as the more skilled wood carvers.
  • The blade is 1 3/4″ long and is thicker than the others. The handle is 5″ long and a little over an inch thick.

Through my research They have all kinds, detail , med detail, small detail, roughing etc. Lengths mora wood carving knife starting at one inch up to about 1-3/4 I don’t think I want to do more than a couple.

helvie knives

I have a small set of pheil tools and a mallet for this and for the most part they do what I need. Next, I work a 7 days on and 7 days off schedule so I decided a couple years ago to start carving spoons when I’m out of town.

You can choose whatever handle style you think you might like and you can actually call and speak with Rich Smithson at Helvie Knives and he will help you with your selection or even customize one for you. His wife and him make every knife that goes out. I also like OCCT and Drake, but I own more Helvies than anything else! Hope this helps a bit. – Kathy Overcash Signature Series 02 Bark Carver (Made by Helvie) Handle is about 4-1/2 inches, cutting edge in range of .75 inch.

So any suggestion are welcome thanks for reading this post. Knife carving is a wonderful way to explore the carving of animals, caricatures and so on, and is easily accessible to people in as much as it requires very little equipment or expenditure, and can literally be undertaken anywhere. You can use any knife that cuts cleanly and allows you to access work properly, but in truth, some knives are designed to make life easier.

The ‘plain’ blade is the one I used for blocking in the wood and detailing, but since the tip is very fine, I did not want to apply undue pressure on the tip. This is where the curved-bladed knife came into it’s own. The curved edge allows the most delicate of peeling cuts but the blade section and form allows you to also make aggressive cuts in tight to access areas, even with the very tip of the tool. The quality of finish off the tool is determined by the blade sharpness and the direction and angle the blade is cutting the fibres of the wood. Some experimentation is required if one is not familiar with knife craving as to how to get the best cuts and in what direction one should cut, but it doesn’t take long.

The length of the blade (measured from handle to tip) is also a factor in knife selection. comfort of a knife handle is probably as important as the quality of the steel in the blade. With the type of carvings I do, I carve the end-grain often and hold my knife like a pencil with the sharp edge up. With all the “fancy” knives I own, my go-to knife is a bench knife made by Murphy with a 1 7/8″ blade. Verdict The blades take an exceptional edge when honed and fit in the hand so well they are a delight to use.

Helvie Knife, Lamb’s Paw Detail, Rhandigan3/8″ x 1 1/4″

The sweep style allows for slice cuts. The Helvie Rough Out Knives come with three different blade lengths 1-3/4″, 2′ and 2-1/4″ for you choose from. All three https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ blades are approximately 1/2″ wide and approximately .050 thick. The standard blades are approximately 1-3/4″ in length. Cutting edge is shown down.

helvie knives

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